Why is Affordable Housing Important 

We are making transformational change by creating stable, vibrant and healthy communities by developing financially feasible houisng for families, veterans, seniors and people with special needs, who lack the economic resources to access quality, safe housing opportunities.  Affordable housing makes economic, health and educational change.  


Affordable housing stimulates state and local economies in several ways.  Direct impacts occur when the developers hire workers and purchase materials from local suppliers.  The suppliers purchase additional materials and labor to fill the developer's order, producing indirect impacts.  The workers employed further stimulate the economy by spending their wages locally.  Families living in affordable housing have more discretionary income to spend on food, clothing, healthcare and other goods and services thereby, boosting the local economy.  


Affordable housing is also important for employers trying to attract skilled workers to the region.  When local housing costs are out of reach for entry-level and mid-level employees, they must live remotely and commute to work.  This increases traffic congestion, which creates drag on local businesses profitability.  Employers may find it hard to attract skilled workers, and have more problems with employee absenteeism and turnover. 


Housing plays a major role in physical and mental health.  For low-income families, lack of affordable housing can have a multitude of negative effects.  Families in affordable housing are likely to cut back on nutritious food and health care.  Living in substandard housing poses a variety of health and safety hazards.  


Afordable housing is the foundation for good health and achievement in school.  


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