Habitat Housing Solutions, Inc. of Palm Beach County

Habitat Housing Solutions, Inc (HHSI) is a 501c3 and a certified Community Housing Development Organization (CHDO). 


Our Mission

To create vibrant, stable communities by developing quality, safe, financially feasible housing.


How we Accomplish our Mission

HHSI acquires funding from agencies who give to CHDO's.  We then use those funds to partner with Habitat for Humanity of Palm Beach County to build homes.  Together provided homes to 8, soon to be 12 deserving families. We have helped solve the crisis for these 12 families.  In one neighborhood where we have worked homes were appraised at $80,000 when we began and today are appraising at $150,000. This helps stablize the community.


HHSI workforce housing serves families and households making 30-80% of the area median income (AMI) in Palm Beach County, as determined annually by HUD.  Currently in Palm Beach County this is $67,900. 


We cannot end Palm Beach County's affordable housing crisis overnight, and it is difficult to control occupation and funding cuts to federal housing programs.  However, with strong public-private partnerships leveraged by consistent state and local funding, we can help families move into decent, safe affordable housing every year.  


Palm Beach County awarded $715,000 CHDO Grant to Habitat Housing Solutins, Inc to build 5 homes in the Glades and one home in West Palm Beach


HOME Grant Habitat Hosuing Solutions Inc was awarded $315,000 to build three homes in the Glades



Habitat Housing Solutions, Inc awarded $72,000 by The City of West Palm Beach.



Habitat Housing Solutions, Inc. awarded $353,000 by Palm Beach County Commissioners to build 2 homes in Greenacres.

Seeking Partners

For more information on how to become a Partner and help provide families with affordable housing please contact us:



(561) 420-0508





Mailing Address

Habitat Housing Solutions Inc

4639 Lake Worth Road

Greenacres, FL 33463


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